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    Company Profile

    Lead Group was established in 2010. The Global Center is in Shanghai Wanda Mall Building, Qingpu district. Two powerful manufacturing bases are in Haian city of Jiangsu province and Zouping City of Shandong Province (in construction). Lead Group is the well-known enterprise in China’s Aluminum Industry, Vice President Company of Shanghai Aluminum Industry Association, and the administrative committee of institute of Shandong Aluminum Industry Association

        The total area of Lead Group is 800,000 ㎡, with over 900 employees.  Lead group has 5 subsidiaries and the annual sales in 2020 were up to 1.82 billion Yuan. The business segments mainly focus on aluminum profiles, solar energy and automobile parts. The manufacturing production lines contain EXTRUSTION, ANODIZING, COATING, DEEP PROCESSING and etc, which are covering the upstream and downstream industry chain of the aluminum processing. The Anodizing production line established and run in 2017 has the world-leading manufacturing technique.

        By the end of 2020, the total shipment of the solar frame which is one of the main products was up to 62GW, ranked No 4th in the world. Lead Group has set the overseas sales division in USA, Japan and Australia in order to serve the overseas customers directly.  

        Jiangsu factory focuses on development and production of solar products including solar mounting structure, carport system and aluminum frames. We owns international advanced production equipment, efficient and orderly management, and also elites in solar industry.

        The new factory is located in Zouping City of Shandong Province, with the land area of 553,446 ㎡. The annual production capacity of frame profiles will be 320,000 tons, around 120,000,000 sets of solar frames. The annual supply quantity will be up to 50 GW, which accounts for a quarter of global solar frame capacity.  
    Relying on the local Strategic partners in Zouping City - Weiqiao Group and Chuangxin Group, Shandong factory takes the cost advantage in aluminum water, electric power, natural gas, steam and so on. Along with the advanced equipment and intellectualized production lines, the manufacturing cost in Solar Frame processing industry is significant, which is declined by 15% to 20% compared to the same industry.  

        The main equipment in Shandong Factory includes 56 extrusion lines, 4 vertical anodizing lines, 80 sets of full-automatic deep-processing lines and full-automatic logistic system. Shandong factory promotes the green and intelligent manufacturing management concept of "Green Factory, Intelligent Equipment, Upgrading Products, Automatic Logistics, and Information Management". As a leading company in the solar frame industry, it is the eternal responsibility of Lead people to reduce the cost of the frame, and it is the unremitting pursuit of Lead people to make photovoltaics benefit all mankind through resource integration and technological innovation.

        “Loyalty, Efficiency, Cooperation, Progressing” is our slogan. Lead Group will be the industry-leading and world-class enterprise as soon as possible with our mutual effort. 

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