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    Lead Solar Bring You To Japan International PV Exhibition





    Lead Solar Bring You To Japan International PV Exhibition

      Lead Solar Holdings Co.,Ltd participated in PV EXPO 2016 in Tokyo Japan with latest products--solar mounting system.It lasted 3 days from 2 March to 4 March in international exhibition center .This World Smart Energy Week 2016 is largest ,most professional and most influential group of renewable energy industry exhibition .It includes PV EXPO, PV SYSTEM EXPO, BATTERY JAPAN, ECO HOUSE&ECO BUILDING EXPO, SAMRT GRID EXPO and so on nine exhibition.

      For this exhibition, Lead Solar show its main products that are aluminum frames of pv modules and mounting system.Compared to other companies ,Lead Solar have its advantages in :First,the installation of electrophoresis can be used for the seaside processing.Second,highly pre-installation will save fifty percent of the time for our aluminum mounting system than ordinary steel mounting system,and save ten percent to twenty percent of the time than conventional aluminum mounting system.

      Exhibition Products:Aluminum mounting system material is 6005-T5,nut bolt material is SUS304 stainless steel.

      Solar PV Mounting System:


      1)The relatively low cost,flexible installation and use ,low requirements to the construction environment.

      2)Strong weather ability ,geological adaptability,high wind load and snow load

      3)Nice appearance and controllable height.

      4)High universality,professional rail and rail fastening,more than fifty percent of installation efficiency.

      5)Pre-installation in factory can save construction time .

      Screw piles:


      1)Strong adaptability ,flexible combination

      2)Unlimited seasonal temperatures

      3)Convenient pile pulling,and recycled land after installation

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